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UNIROB Palletizing Systems

UNIROB Palletizing Systems - from semi-automatic compact systems to multi-pallet and central palletizing systems

The use of robots is today standard in numerous automation tasks. The final stage of a UNIROB packaging line can be a robot-based UNIROB palletizing system depending on the customer's requirements. This packaging process can be carried out in various automation stages, ranging from the semi-automatic compact to the multi-pallet and central palletizing.

In palletizing applications, absolute accuracy is required to ensure safe transport of your goods. Therefore, a detailed layout of your system is prepared in advance. Using simulations during the design phase, our engineers are able to recognize possible hazards or risks prior to the realization of the project and to develop specific solutions to avoid them. This results in a high process safety and reliability.

We offer you individual palletizing solutions for different carton sizes and packing patterns. With intelligent process control, the carton dimensions and weights are automatically transmitted to your enterprise resource planning system. This allows you to inspect and control all the data on your palletizing system at any time.

Depending on the customer's needs, further components such as depalletizers, pallet stretchers, interlayer magazines, transport lines, camera monitoring, labelers, laser or inkjet coders and other modules can be integrated into the UNIROB palletizing system.

R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem
R.WEISS UNIROB Palettiersystem

Your advantages:

  • Flexible application possibilities
  • Customized palletizing solutions through standard modules
  • Application-specific modification to different pallet variants
  • Space-saving palletizing via compact design
  • Optimal accessibility all around the palletizing system
  • Systems can be expanded arbitrarily as required by modular design
  • High flexibility in product or packaging changes
  • Program modules for connection to existing PIM and SAP systems for centrally controlled order management
  • Planning and delivery of complete conveyor systems for automation, logistics and storage systems
  • Flexible extension with additional components, such as depalletizers, pallet stretchers, interlayer magazines as well as labellers, laser or inkjet coders

R.WEISS UNIROB Palletizing System for Bakery Products

R.WEISS UNIROB Palletizing Systems

AGV Automated Guided Vehicles and Pallet Testing Station

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) - Highly flexible vehicle systems composed of modular components. We guarantee durability with maximum reliability during the transport of every load size. Our stable construction ensures a long product life. The vehicle pool can be extended anytime- this is your warranty for maximum flexibility! (For more Information, please click here)


In the case of broken pallets, there is a risk for packaged goods to be damaged or to be stacked incorrectly.

With the fully automatic pallet testing station, all types of pallets can be tested for functionality. Remove defective pallets from the process automatically – before the packaged goods gets damaged.

All intact pallets are cleaned and pressed into shape again. Overhanging nails are pushed back into the pallet by rollers. This innovative solution enables the R.WEISS Group to ensure a longer life cycle of all sorts of pallets.


In conjunction with Bleichert automated guided vehicles and palletizing technology from R.WEISS Verpackungstechnik, the pallet testing station can be perfectly integrated into the palletizing process. This helps to offer a holistic solution for your packaging process.


For further Information of palletizing, AGV and pallet testing station in the packaging business, please contact:

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For all other processes, please contact:

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