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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Pickerlinie
R.WEISS Pickerlinie platziert Cookies in Verpackung
R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Turnkey Linie


UNIROB Picker Lines

Packaging in top speed

UNIROB Picker Lines pack your products with the highest performance and they are efficiently and successfully in use in a wide range of industries. High-speed packaging systems of this type are used wherever highest productivity, high cycle rates and absolute precision are required.

The core of these packaging systems is the Toploading area with several successively connected delta robots. Depending on product characteristics, these robots have a special vacuum or gripping tools. The products are therewith gently and quickly handled by pick and place application and inserted into the previously errected folding boxes via individual or multipick.

With a throughput of up to 180 Pick & Place cycles per Delta robot, the UNIROB Picker Lines are not comparable to any other system in terms of packaging speed. The supplied product stream is processed by several delta robots depending on the requirements. The last delta robot in the sequence serves as performance reserve and ensures that all products find their way into the folding cartons.

By the use of state-of-the-art sensor technology, the products can be also fed randomly to the toploading area. Cameras systems capture hereby the positions of the individual products and pass those position data to the Delta robots. This allows them to process the products with the highest accuracy and precision (with deviations up to 0.1 mm).

Depending on the requirements, metal detectors as well as Track & Trace systems can also be integrated into the UNIROB Picker Line, and the line can be individually adapted to changes in the production capacity by extending the Picker Line by additional standard modular cells.

R.WEISS Pickerlinie platziert Cookies in Verpackung
Pickerlinie zur Keksverpackung
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie
R.WEISS Pickerlinie für Pralinen
R.WEISS UNIROB Pickerlinie Förderband

Your advantages:

  • Depending on product and load, up to 180 Pick & Place cycles per minute per Delta robot
  • Gripper tools or vacuum suckers designed for different products and applications
  • Toploading of the products by Pick & Place process employing single or multiple pickers
  • Fast and gentle product handling with absolute precision
  • Possibility of picking and packing even more difficult and pre-packaged products
  • Flexible adaptation of the system to changes in capacity and performance due to modular design
  • Absolute reliability and safety in packaging processes granted by high degree of development of the standard modules
  • Reliable, efficient and economical systems engineering
  • Easy and intuitive operating concept with touch panels
  • Free positioning of the peripheral devices
  • Good packaging machine accessibility all around via large guard doors
  • Optimal operator insight into the packaging process Product and packing material feeding from all sides is possible

UNIROB Pickerline for Bakery products

UNIROB Turnkey Line for pharmaceutical eye drops

UNIROB Deltarobot packaging chocolates and cookies