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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Pickerlinie
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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Turnkey Linie


UNIROB Toploading Machines

Toploading Technology for flexible Packaging solutions

Since the beginning of 2001, R.WEISS began the development of the UNIROB Toploading Packaging Machines with upside down mounted robots in the packaging cells. Due to the overhead position of the robots, which is not yet known in the packaging industry by then, optimum accessibility through large guard doors and very good view of the individual packaging processes are possible.

The UNIROB Toploading Packaging Machines are suitable for the industry-independent use and packaging of all piece and prefabricated products which can be inserted into containers or erected folding boxes by means of the so-called top loading method i.e. from above. The products can also be fed to the machine uniformly sorted and finally mixed into the boxes according to a specific pattern.

By UNIROB Toploading Packaging Machines, the product and packaging material feeding is possible from any side arbitrarily and can thus be adapted individually to the mostly limited spatial conditions of the customer.

The unbeatable advantages of the UNIROB Toploading technology are convincing all the way:

R.WEISS UNIROB Toploading Maschine
R.WEISS UNIROB Toploading Maschine
R.WESS UNIROB Toploading Maschine
R.WEISS UNIROB Toploading Maschine
R.WEISS UNIROB Toploading Maschine Innenansicht
Bild einer UNIROB Toploading Linie

The unique advantages of the UNIROB Toploading Machines

  • Compact, space-saving top-loading position of the robots
  • Automatic change of the robot tools
  • Flexible extension of the packaging line by modular built-in system
  • Sophisticates standard robot technology
  • International service is ensured
  • Free positioning of the peripheral devices
  • Optimal access around the packaging system by wide doors 
  • Very good visibility into production process for the operator
  • Product and packaging material feeding from all sides is possible 
  • Highest flexibility for product or packaging style changes

The basic modules of a UNIROB Toploading Machine include the UNIROB Erector for erecting flat carton blanks or folding cartons, the UNIROB Toploading Module for placing the products into the previously erected cartons and boxes from the top by means of gripper tools or vacuum suckers. The final component of a Toploading Machine is the UNIROB Closer. Within this standard module, the folding cartons are sealed by either adhesive tape or hot glue.

Depending on customer requirements, a UNIROB Toploading Machine can be equipped and expanded with additional modules, such as a UNIROB Case Packer or a UNIROB Palletizing System. This also allows us to produce individual mixes of products which are fed to the machine sorted, and finally grouped into folding cartons or other containers by means of Toploading process.

UNIROB Toploading Packaging Line for Tubes

UNIROB Toploading Packaging Line for Tubes