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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Pickerlinie
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UNIROB Erector

The UNIROB Erector

The UNIROB erector is usually the first module in the series of modules in the R.WEISS Packaging Machines. The handling of the carton blanks is carried out with our UNIROB erector by the use of robots. The blanks are picked up from the magazines using vacuum and guided through the hot melt nozzles. Then, the robot presses the carton blank with its forming tool through a folding chute, thereby connecting the side flaps to the carton. Afterwards the robot pushes the blank with its forming tool through a folding frame, whereby the side flaps are combined with the carton. Depending on the application, the erected boxes are then fed to the toploading area via a transport unit where they are finally filled with the products.

Each UNIROB Erector is customized to the different requirements, formats and the desired performance of our customers. The modular design offers you the highest degree of flexibility. For even greater versatility, the UNIROB Erectors can also be modernized without any problems at any time in the case of changes in format or production, or can be easily extended by additional modules.

The folding carton blanks are stacked in an ergonomic and easily accessible blank magazine. This also enables the operators to easily fill the magazine during operation without interfering with the ongoing packaging process. Machine downtimes are therewith history. In addition, quick-change devices on the blank magazines enable quick and easy switching between different formats.

R.WEISS UNIROB Aufrichter Innenansicht
R.WEISS UNIROB Aufrichter Innenansicht
R.WEISS UNIROB Aufrichter Innenansicht
R.WEISS UNIROB Aufrichter Ansicht Zufuhr Kartonzuschnitt
R.WEISS UNIROB Aufrichter Ansicht Zufuhr Kartonzuschnitt

Your advantages:

  • Maximum performance with low space requirements
  • Ideal for packaging line integration
  • Ergonomic position of the blank magazines
  • Optimal access and insight into the erection process through large guard doors
  • Easy filling of the blank magazines without machine downtime
  • Quick-change device for easy changeover between different formats and packaging sizes
  • Erection of extremely flat lying folding carton blanks is possible
  • Low repair and maintenance costs through high-quality kinematics and smooth-running drives
  • Carton sealing possible by means of hot glue or self-adhesive tape
  • Good packaging machine accessibility all around via large guard doors
  • Easy and intuitive operating concept with touch panels
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design

In summary, the UNIROB Erector offers a high degree of flexibility and reliability in the packaging of products of various types.

R. WEISS UNIROB Erector with ISS