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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Pickerlinie
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UNIROB Modular Design

Standardized modules for individual packaging solutions

Today the packaging industry is confronted with frequent format and product changes. Similarly, there is a constant increase in the variety of packaging means and formats. This results in increasing demands on the flexibility of packaging machines.

The impressive flexibility of the packaging solutions from R.WEISS is the success resulting from modular concept which extends throughout all parts and components in mechanics as well as in electrical engineering and software.

R.WEISS Modulbauweise Standardmodul
R.WEISS UNIROB Standardmodul
R.WEISS UNIROB Standardmodul

Easy, flexible and efficient: The modular design

The modular UNIROB system is based on standardized components or modular building blocks which can be individually configured according to customer requirements up to a holistic packaging solution.

The basic module consists of a stable steel frame which is available in several standard sizes and conveniently accessible through large guard doors. It includes, depending on the task, one or more standard robots with four, six or seven degrees of freedom which are mounted upside down in a space-saving way.

For all packaging processes, such as erecting carton blanks, product mixing, grouping and top loading of the products as well as for closing the boxes, labeling and palletizing, proven standard modules are frequently used.

The sum of all the configured standard modules ultimately results in an application-specific overall concept tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. The UNIROB concept is rounded off by a comprehensive, user-friendly and open system control according to the most recent standards.

In addition, the use of standard modules offers you a high degree of development and as a result absolute reliability and safety for you and your packaging processes.

The modular UNIROB design has many advantages:

  • Customized packaging solutions for your individual requirements
  • High flexibility and design of the packaging system fitting to your spatial conditions
  • Packaging system can be flexibly extended by additional modules
  • Rapid adaptation of the packaging system to changing production plan
  • Packing different products and formats on one machine
  • Fast format change through the use of quick-change devices
  • Flexible adaptation of the layout possible even after the planning and design phase

Individual, unique, reliable. With the aim of optimizing and increasing efficiency, we develop conclusive packaging solutions based on the modular principle for your packaging processes.

UNIROB Modular Design