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R.WEISS UNIROB Pharma Pickerlinie
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Installation and Commissioning

UNIROB packaging machines requires a high level of experience and special know-how. Our service technicians who have already been involved in the construction of the packaging machine offer the best p [...] prerequisites to install and commission the machine at the production site in a proper and timely manner. Before a packaging machine leaves our plant, it must pass the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). During [...] During this factory acceptance, the packing machine is usually examined in the presence of the customer with regard to the specifications to be fulfilled and the prescribed performance and efficiency. The[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
UNIROB Toploading Machines

The products can also be fed to the machine uniformly sorted and finally mixed into the boxes according to a specific pattern. By UNIROB Toploading Packaging Machines, the product and packaging material [...] Toploading Machine is the UNIROB Closer. Within this standard module, the folding cartons are sealed by either adhesive tape or hot glue. Depending on customer requirements, a UNIROB Toploading Machine can be [...] solutions Since the beginning of 2001, R.WEISS began the development of the UNI ROB Toploading Packaging Machines with upside down mounted robots in the packaging cells. Due to the overhead position of the robots[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
Spare parts service

You require spare parts for your UNIROB machine? Every machine that leaves our factory has gone a long way through quality assurance. This ensures that all our systems meet the highest standards of function [...] potential downtime of your machine to a minimum. Your advantages: Use of components available off-the-shelf on the market High availability of spare parts ensures process reliability Machine downtimes are reduced [...] obtain a tailor-made, prioritized, spare parts package with the delivery of the UNIROB packaging machine. By using commercial components of brand manufacturers which are available off-the-shelf, we also[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022

products In the non-food sector, the application areas of UNIROB Toploading machines are as diverse as your products. Packing machines for the industry require, above all, little space for installation, the [...] highest quality standards and a high performance - No problem for our flexible UNIROB toploading machines. Whether screws, saw blades, hoses, paint canisters, adhesive tapes or other industrial products [...] the most suitable packaging solution for every non-food product Highest quality requirements for machine components and robust construction Space-saving positioning of the standardized system controls above[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022

all sides Optimal machine accessibility for operators, maintenance and cleaning Maximum packaging performance delivered by integrated Delta-Picker With the UNIROB packaging machines, we are able to to [...] Packaging machines which meets the highest standards In the packaging of cosmetic products, in addition to an attractively high-quality design, the optimal protection against light and spoilage as well [...] conditioner, creams, cosmetics as well as toothpaste belong to the daily body care. Our UNIROB machines and systems are used for all piece products which can be placed into containers by means of toploading[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
About us

Packaging Machines from R.WEISS Packaging Erecting carton blanks and cardboard boxes. Product mixing and grouping. Toploading of products. Closing the boxes. Labeling and palletizing. Our competence: [...] WEISS Packaging GmbH & Co. KG based in Crailsheim is one of the leading German manufacturers of machines and systems for packaging and automation technology. Since 1990, R.WEISS has designed and delivered [...] al, cosmetics, chemicals, food, confectionery & pastry and non-food sectors. Whether individual machines or complete packing lines - all packaging solutions are based on our proven modular UNIROB system[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
Validation and Documentation

Validation and Documentation The technical machine documentation provided by R.WEISS provides a complete, reproducible and documented proof that the machine was manufactured according to the URS (User[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022

products and the high demands placed on the appearance and handling of packages. The UNIROB Toploading machines are especially characterized by intelligent control solutions in combination with robust mechanics [...] food industry: Highest flexibility with regard to changing products and formats Hygienic-design and machine construction compliant with food legislation Adaptation of the packaging process to seasonal products [...] Highest product safety through the integration of camera systems, metal detectors, etc. Optimal machine accessibility for operators, maintenance and cleaning Processing of high quantities using high-p[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
Confectionary & Bakery

and a high quality are in the foreground of the packaging process. The efficient UNIROB packaging machines and systems are ideally suited for the packaging of sensitive sweets and pastries, such as chocolate [...] formats Adaptation of the packaging process to seasonal products by modular design Hygienic-design and machine construction compliant with food legislation Gentle product handling by means of a special vacuum [...] Highest product safety through the integration of camera systems, metal detectors, etc. Optimal machine accessibility for operators, maintenance and cleaning Processing of high quantities using high-p[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022
UNIROB Erector

The UNIROB erector is usually the first module in the series of modules in the R.WEISS Packaging Machines. The handling of the carton blanks is carried out with our UNIROB erector by the use of robots. [...] easily fill the magazine during operation without interfering with the ongoing packaging process. Machine downtimes are therewith history. In addition, quick-change devices on the blank magazines enable [...] into the erection process through large guard doors Easy filling of the blank magazines without machine downtime Quick-change device for easy changeover between different formats and packaging sizes Erection[mehr]

Last changed: 31.03.2022